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The Merry Wives of Windsor at Waverley Abbey House in Farnham 13 – 16 July 2016

Picnic Theatre is special – the perfect summer evening Open Air at Waverley Abbey House, Farnham.
“A fantastic production with plenty of humour! Thoroughly enjoyed by the whole family.”

MWoW web portrait


With excellent reviews, and huge enjoyment all round our audiences toasted the summer in the company of some of Shakespeare’s most colourful characters, including the infamously lovable rogue, Sir John Falstaff whose schemes and plots are spectacularly foiled by the wit and the guile of two of the most merry of Merry Wives.


‘Guildburys Theatre Co. put on excellent shows with fine acting, clever staging and sets and amazing costumes. The Picnic Theatre is always enjoyable, come rain or shine and the grounds of Waverley Abbey House are the perfect setting for such events.’

‘We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening to be outdoors and rewarded with such a great performance of ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’. What an impressive cast and so delightfully performed.’

“The performance was excellent and the setting was perfect’

‘Magical experience. First time attended Guildbury play and found acting excellent and spoken so clearly. Enjoyed relaxed atmosphere and being able to enjoy picnic on grass whilst watching play completed a memorable day. Thank you.’






An excellent cast as always gave a great performance. Guildburys presented this masterfully plotted comedy that storms ahead at a furious pace, with excellent characterisation, wonderful accents, great fellowship of women, and believable young lovers triumphing over mercenary interests. A merry night was had by all!  SURREY ADVERTISER





‘Under the direction of Robert Sheppard all the players fully developed Shakespeare’s large array of colourful characters…..Ian Nichols is every inch the perfect Falstaff, both in looks, stance and demeanor. Laura Sheppard’s Mistress Page is indeed a merry soul while Tessa Duggleby’s Mistress Ford is a rather more restrained lady, but then who wouldn’t be with a possessive and humourless husband’  FARNHAM HERALD


Production photography John Sherringham – Front of House Photography

Original music composed for the production by Tamara Douglas-Morris

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Published on: April 22nd, 2016