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Cast announced for 2 Couples, 2 Pubs, 2 Countries

We are delighted to announce the cast for ‘Two Couples, Two Pubs, Two Countries’ at The Keep Pub, Castle Street, Guildford

Pub Owner: Caroline Ross


Peas by David Tristram

Daisy: Amy Yorston

Gerry: Glyn Rogers


Catherine Medbh by Declan Feenan

Her: Amy de Roche

Him: Tom Key

Behind the scenes with a Guildbury crew

Here’s what happens when we build a set in the theatre….

It’s 12 hours of hard work on the day by the crew and production team preceded by months of planning, designing, discussing, building, hammering, painting fuelled by endless cups of tea with the occasional glass of something restorative !



Oh Romeo video promo

Director Steffen Zschaler says: “Oh Romeo is an absolutely unique take on a classic we all know and love. By looking at what happens to the world’s ideal lovers when they’re actually married, Kishon manages to put his finger in the wound of marital problems in a way that will leave the audience weak with laughter. Anyone who’s been married for a year or more will be able to relate, so bring your partner and save on marriage counselling costs!”


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Online Booking all shows




2 couples, 2 Pubs, 2 Countries

At The Keep in Castle Street, Guildford from May 2 – 4. Theatre Up Close. 



Set in a pub, performed in a pub – two couples, divided by time and country, meet.

In Catherine Medbh by Declan Feenan, we eavesdrop as two former lovers meet in a bar for a drink. Gerry and Daisy are looking for love with a brand new dating agency in Peas by David Tristram – how will their blind date go?

Come along and have a drink with them and find out.

Performed nightly at 8pm with the kind support of:

The Keep,

Castle Street,

Guildford GU1 3UW

Only 25 seats at each performance, so book now.

This amateur production of “Peas” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD

“Catherine Medbh”: an amateur production in arrangement with Nick Hern Books

Unmissable !
To book online click  HERE

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Online Booking – The Government Inspector at Merrist Wood

Booking will open soon. Watch this space !

Click here for a sneak preview




Programme – 2019

Click the links in blue to see more information
Oh Romeo – At The Electric Theatre, Guildford in March 2019
Unique at The Keep – 2 Couples, 2 Pubs, 2 Countries – A unique double bill at The Keep pub in Guildford, May 2019
The Government Inspector – Guildburys’ Picnic Theatre in Surrey at Merrist Wood,Guildford July 2019 & touring to The Minack Theatre Cornwall in August 2019
Blue Stockings  – At The National Trust, Hatchlands Park, Guildford in November 2019
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Oh Romeo at The Electric Theatre 20 – 23 March, 2019


Essential Surrey 
★★★★ A rumbustious take on Shakespeare…. as always, the Guildburys have brought all their enthusiasm and dramatic skills to bear on this production. Ian McShee as the preening ghost of Shakespeare is brilliant. His dancing, self-congratulatory body language and swift changes of oral tone and register are a delight.This satire was written after Kishon had survived Nazi concentration camps in Poland and three marriages. He clearly learned much in his long life – above all, how to laugh!’

Read the full review here.

The year is 1624, 30 years after that fateful night in the vault.

Luckily, Juliet woke up just in time or Romeo would have thought she was dead and who could say what he would have done, young and neurotic as he was.

But all is well, and Romeo and Juliet have been married for almost 30 years. All is well … or is it?

They have no money, a tiny bedsit, the teenage daughter from hell and as if that wasn’t enough, Shakespeare is mad at them for ruining his perfect ending.

Where did it all go wrong?

Oh Romeo – a modern comedy by Ephraim Kishon, translated by Lucienne Hill.

An amateur production by arrangement with Josef Weinberger.

Graphic design and flyer photography Phill Griffith.

Production photography Kevin Malam



Production photography Kevin Malam for Guildburys Theatre Company.

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Audition for Oh Romeo



Oh Romeo at The Electric Theatre, Guildford from 20 – 23 March. 


Monday December 3rd from 7.30pm
Tuesday December 4th from 7.30pm
Sunday December 9th from 6pm.


Auditions for Oh Romeo will take place at Compton Village Club, Spiceall, Compton, Guildford GU3 1JQ

Please contact the director, Steffen Zschaler to register your interest using the contact form below.

Please click here to download a pdf file of character notes.

See the show page here

REHEARSALS are on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings with a start date of January 20th, 2019. 

Please click here to see and download a pdf with helpful advice to help you prepare. Scroll down for a map link to our rehearsal venue.


Please use our contact form below to contact the director for information.



Bram Stoker’s Dracula at The Electric Theatre 14 – 17 November 2018


Rule One for becoming a vampire victim – “First of all you have to invite him in”……. 

The enduring gothic vampire horror, Dracula, is given a modern twist in this acclaimed adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel. An English lawyer visits his mysterious Transylvanian client, only to be imprisoned in a castle filled with unspeakable terrors. Back home, his fiancée and her friends are plagued by supernatural phenomena, heralding the arrival of a predator from the darkest reaches of mankind’s history.

Can Dracula’s lust for conquest be ended once and for all?

Guildburys Theatre Company presents the tale of seduction, power and insanity that has fascinated society for generations.




By arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

Publicity photography and graphic design Phill Griffith.

Production photography Jonathan Constant.

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Gallery – Production photography Jonathan Constant for Guildburys Theatre Company


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