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Anne Boleyn – at Guildburys Picnic Theatres in Surrey. July 2018

“Rich, sprightly, and unfailingly vivid” – Time Out.



We all know who Anne Boleyn was… don’t we?
Maybe it’s time to think again.

From the mind of Howard Brenton, arguably Britain’s greatest living playwright, comes an altogether different look at the life of King Henry VIII’s most notorious wife.

From their first meeting to her untimely end, nothing is as simple as our schoolteachers would have had us believe. And Anne may have had more of an impact on our present day lives than we ever appreciated. Moving effortlessly between comedy and tragedy, fear and hope, James I and Henry VIII, this smart and mesmerising production is the perfect intelligent accompaniment to a summer evening picnic in beautiful surroundings.


Warnings: Some strong language & adult themes.
Liable to entertain and/or provoke thought.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula at The Electric Theatre 14 – 17 November 2018




Rule One for becoming a vampire-victim: “First of all you have to invite him in……” Acclaimed poet and playwright Liz Lochhead’s Dracula stays refreshingly close to Bram Stoker’s novel. Asked to adapt it by the Royal lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, she immersed herself in the book. ‘After a sleepless night,’ she writes in the introduction, ‘my hair was standing on end, what with the mad Renfield in his lunatic asylum eating flies and playing John the Baptist to his coming master… and with Lucy’s description of her “dream” of flying with the red-eyed one above the lighthouse at Whitby, and Jonathan’s “dream” of the three Vampire Brides’ advances upon him and of their being repelled at the last minute by the furious Dracula…


‘This was before I’d even got to the abducted children or “the loving hand” of Lucy’s fiancé staking her through the heart… or that shocking rape-like bit where, with Mina’s newly-wed husband Jonathan asleep in a flushed stupor by her side, Dracula, at her throat, takes his fill of her life’s-blood…


‘Still, what really attracted me to the story was Rule One for becoming a vampire-victim:

“First of all you have to invite him in.” 

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