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Nell Gwynn at Haslemere Museum 27 – 29 July 2017

Winner – 2016 Olivier Award for best new comedy, performed open air. 

Jessica Swale’s award winning comedy is a poignant, tender & rumbustious romp, liberally sprinkled with comedy, truth and musical delights. Perfect for Picnic Theatre ! Performed open air in the beautiful grounds of Haslemere Educational Museum – pack a picnic, uncork the wine and toast the summer in the company of Nell Gwynn and the court of King Charles II.

Nightly at 8pm. Online booking click here

The story of orange seller, Nell Gwynn, is as colourful as a novel – yet it is true. Nell’s rise from the misery of Coal Yard Alley to become Britain’s first celebrity actress, winning the heart of the king along the way, is the stuff of dreams. But there is a price to pay.

At a time when women are little more than possessions, can her undoubted charm and indomitable spirit protect her from the court plotters and schemers? And what will be the cost?

‘Ribald, buzzy and thoroughly cheering’  THE DAILY TELEGRAPH
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Guildburys are a community theatre company and Nell Gwynn is an amateur performance by arrangement with Nick Hern Books. 


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Graphic design and photography Phillip Griffith. Contains bawdy humour


Haslemere Museum









One Night in November at The Electric Theatre 15 – 18 November 2017

Would you sacrifice a city to win a war ? A touching love story set against a background of conspiracy. 

It is the Autumn of 1940 and Katie, a young Coventry clerk, waits on the station platform in Henley in Arden, Warwickshire. There she meets Michael, a language don working as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park. As their romance deepens, Michael is secretive about his work. But when he and a colleague work on deciphering a coded enemy message and deduce that Coventry is to be attacked and pounded into rubble, he faces an agonising dilemma.

Should he warn Katie and her family about the impending raid, risking disgrace and prosecution under the official secrets act ?

Underpinning Alan Pollock’s touching love story is a compelling and long held conspiracy theory. Did the Bletchley boffins warn Churchill of the impending raid ? Was the city sacrificed for the greater good to protect the code breakers ?

With its dramatic staging this is a gripping and poignant play.

“I have never felt so strongly the visceral horror of aerial attack……. a stunning evocation of the Coventry Blitz.”  THE GUARDIAN

Produced by special arrangement with Josef Weinberger Plays. Age recommendation 12+

Coming to Guildford’s Electric Theatre in November 2017.

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