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All My Sons at The Electric Theatre 11 -14 April 2018


‘A play of extraordinary power and emotional depth’  THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

Written in 1947, ‘All My Sons’ is credited with being Miller’s breakthrough play.

Ripping the American dream to shreds, it exposes an apparently ideal family that in reality is built on deceit, lies and shame. Miller focuses his microscope on the period immediately following the second world war, and through its magnifying lens puts the misperception and ultimate distortion of loyalty on trial.

The play opens as the much loved tree – the family symbol of missing in action son, Larry – is blown down in a storm. It is a portent of disaster as the family move inexorably on a collision course that ultimately tears them apart, breaking them and turning the American Dream into a nightmare.

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Guildburys are a community theatre company and All my Sons is an amateur performance by arrangement with Josef Weinberger. 



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Anne Boleyn – Guildburys Picnic theatre July 2018

“Rich, sprightly, and unfailingly vivid” – Time Out.



We all know who Anne Boleyn was… don’t we?
Maybe it’s time to think again.

From the mind of Howard Brenton, arguably Britain’s greatest living playwright, comes an altogether different look at the life of King Henry VIII’s most notorious wife.

From their first meeting to her untimely end, nothing is as simple as our schoolteachers would have had us believe. And Anne may have had more of an impact on our present day lives than we ever appreciated. Moving effortlessly between comedy and tragedy, fear and hope, James I and Henry VIII, this smart and mesmerising production is the perfect intelligent accompaniment to a summer evening picnic in beautiful surroundings.

Warnings: Some strong language, sexual themes, liable to entertain and/or provoke thought.

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