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Nell Gwynn at Haslemere Museum 27 – 29 July 2017

‘All round, this would rank with the best open-air theatre experiences – professional or amateur – I’ve had’.  FARNHAM HERALD

‘This is an excellent evening’s entertainment by this accomplished Surrey theatre company. If you can get tickets don’t delay, you won’t regret it’ ★★★★★ ESSENTIAL SURREY

‘Fine casting, able direction by Laura Sheppard, great performances by all involved. Superb setting; majestic stage set with its back-drop of huge trees; picnic; bubbly; warm summer evening. Thanks Charles II for promoting England’s theatre! Guildburys at their best in this 5 star production.’   NODA 

Winner of the 2016 Olivier award for best new comedy, Jessica Swale’s play is a poignant, tender & rumbustious romp, liberally sprinkled with comedy, truth and musical delights. Perfect for Picnic Theatre ! Performed open air in the beautiful grounds of Haslemere Educational Museum – pack a picnic, uncork the wine and toast the summer in the company of Nell Gwynn and the court of King Charles II.

The story of orange seller, Nell Gwynn, is as colourful as a novel – yet it is true. Nell’s rise from the misery of Coal Yard Alley to become Britain’s first celebrity actress, winning the heart of the king along the way, is the stuff of dreams. But there is a price to pay.

At a time when women are little more than possessions, can her undoubted charm and indomitable spirit protect her from the court plotters and schemers? And what will be the cost?


‘The supporting cast were, as always with Guildburys, excellent, but special mention must be made of Eddie Woolrich, delivering a hilarious tour-de-force as the bewildered relic of a men-only stage, watching his treasured fake bosom getting completely outplayed.’ – Nigel Dams, Sardines magazine. Read the full review here

‘This play, so full of energy and lust for life, is also a great ensemble piece. The musical elements are charming, and in some cases real ‘ear worms’! I can’t get the frantic ‘One week to go’ out of my head, and the sight of the whole company rushing around the stage like demented dervishes. They seemed to know exactly what they were doing – is that what final pre-production week is like, then, Guildburys?!’ Pauline Surrey NODA read the full review here 

‘Guildburys’ Nell Gwynn – a delightful feel-good evening. Director Laura Sheppard must have thanked her lucky stars when Amy de Roche auditioned. She’s perfect as Nell; cheerful, expressive, cheeky – she seems great fun, the kind of person you’d want to hang out with. And she can sing and dance. (The ‘I can dance and I can sing’ ditty will not get out of my head!)’ Kat Wooton, Life in Farnham Magazine. Read the full review here   

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Graphic design Phill Griffith. Production photography John Sherringham. Guildburys are a community theatre company and Nell Gwynn is an amateur performance by arrangement with Nick Hern Books. 



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Graphic design Phillip Griffith. Contains bawdy humour










Published on: March 3rd, 2017