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The Government Inspector at The Minack from 26 – 30 August

HIDE OR BRIBE  –  The Government Inspector is coming to The Minack Theatre. 

This year, our Picnic Theatre production of The Government Inspector tours in August to the renowned Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

REVIEWS of our Surrey Production in July

★★★★ The production is highly entertaining and hilarious from start to finish with most, if not all, characters extremely humorous. Every actor made me laugh out loud at points, sometimes just from small head movements or expressions. Guildburys Theatre Company are clearly a talented group of people who ‘do’ comedy extremely well. (Sardines Magazine)

★★★★★’This fast-paced comedy is another triumph for the Guildburys – brilliant individual and ensemble acting and wonderful comic timing.’ (Essential Surrey Magazine)

‘This was an astoundingly good production, even by Guildburys’ high standards. A rollicking tour de force – ideal for the open air, and bound to wow audiences when it transfers to the Minack Theatre, Cornwall, in August.’  ( NODA )

Audience Comments

‘What a fabulous evening of entertainment!! It was the full package including the costumes and set!!’

‘A tour de farce! I simply adore theatre being as wonderful as this! A go see…a must see…a do so!

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Watch the horror on the face of the corrupt Mayor of a small Russian town in the middle of nowhere as he discovers that he and his crooked cronies are to be visited by a GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR, travelling incognito. Enjoy the chaos as The Mayor and his Dubious Dignitaries plot to bribe the Inspector with wads of roubles and copious amounts of vodka. The result is mayhem and masses of comedic delight.

An amateur production in association with Samuel French. 

Graphic design and production photography Phill Griffith.

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Published on: July 22nd, 2019