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Essential Surrey Magazine

Janice Dempsey. Reviewer

OH ROMEO – OUR VERDICT  ★★★★ This a rumbustious take on Shakespeare, and incidentally a romp through the text of several plays.As always, the Guildburys have brought all their enthusiasm and dramatic skills to bear on this production. Ian McShee as the preening ghost of Shakespeare is brilliant. His dancing, self-congratulatory body language and swift changes of oral tone and register are a delight.

ALL MY SONS ★★★★★ Personal, family and patriotic honour, truth and loyalty – timeless themes in a brilliant production by the talented Guildburys. Laura Sheppard as Kate Kellar is a strong figure, pitiful in her obsessive belief that her other son still lives.Her grief at the end of the play is mythical…. this is a wonderful production, directed superbly by Robert Sheppard.

Published on: April 14th, 2018