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All My Sons at The Electric Theatre 11 -14 April 2018


‘I can only say that I enjoyed this production enough to recommend it to all of Guildford. Five star theatre.’ 
The Guildford Dragon.

The Kellers are an ideal family – apparently.

In his iconic play, Arthur Miller lays bare their hopes, secrets and self-delusions  – and exposes the reality of lives and relationships built on deceit, lies and shame. Miller’s compelling contemporary drama is an absorbing story of personal grief and collective accountability, brutally highlighting the failures of the American Dream. 

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SARDINES MAGAZINE –  ‘The whole crew deserve congratulations for an excellent, excellent night of high drama. But I must return to praising the cast. And particularly to mention that Laura Sheppard’s breakdown at the end was amazing. Huge. Heartbreaking – and a fitting climax to a wonderful evening.’

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ESSENTIAL SURREY MAGAZINE  –  ‘This is a wonderful play, timeless in its discussion of personal, family and patriotic values and loyalty. And this is a wonderful production, directed superbly by Robert Sheppard….. The excellent cast, immersed in the play, engage us fully, superbly carrying the characters’ passionate discussions of honour, honesty, responsibility and the role of money and materialism in times of war. ‘

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NODA –  ‘This was a brilliant production, well up to the standard we have come to expect from Guildburys. Director Robert Sheppard brought out the best in everyone, keeping the pace going and the tension mounting right up to the end. It must have been demanding emotionally and physically to sustain the mood of foreboding and suspense. Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this complex play to life.’

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Photography and graphic design Phill Griffith. Guildburys are a community theatre company and All my Sons is an amateur performance by arrangement with Josef Weinberger. 


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Published on: August 29th, 2017