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Tartuffe, 17- 20 July and 26 – 30 August 2013


“Every performance in this production was brilliant… I must make mention of the fabulous costumes. Each and every cast member looks the part from head dress to shoes and everything in between; special mention must be made of a few who clearly had the audience in the palm of their hands from the start. Orgon, played by Andrew Donovan, was utterly brilliant – his scenes with the family servant Dorine, played superbly by Kathryn Attwood, were among the best. Eddie Woolrich played the part of Damis with a Guy-of-Gisbourne-like naivety. His speech impediment caused the audience to almost laugh before anything really funny had been said and he was a delight to watch;for me, the star of this show was Laura Sheppard – for want of a better expression she was blummin fantastic. The scene where she was luring Tartuffe to seduce her was one of the best scenes in theatre.

One thing Director Ian Nichols did so expertly with this show was use the ensemble to their full potential. You could clearly see each of their characters and bringing them out during the interval to entertain the audience with their drum skills was a nice touch. His visions of this show from casting to set were clearly apparent and I have no doubt it will go down a storm at The Minack.

Well Done Guildburys Cast and Crew, another outstanding production from a wonderful company.”


See a selection of audience comments and more of the review here 

2013 is Guildburys’ 50th anniversary. As part of our celebrations this production will be presented both at Farnham Castle and also at the world famous theatre on the cliffs, The Minack in Cornwall. We are proud to have been invited and pleased to be returning to this spectacular venue.

A Raucous, Riotous and Ribald Romp !

Tartuffe is the very model of self-effacing piety…… or so it seems…..

Wealthy but gullible merchant Orgon has become mesmerised by the apparently saintly Tartuffe, much to the consternation of his family.

But is Tartuffe a friend or a fraud?

Eavesdroppers hide in cupboards and under tables whist seduction stalks the chateau.

A cunning plan is hatched with attractive ‘bait’ to expose devilishly devious deception.

Moliere’s seventeenth century original was immediately banned by Louis XIV but is now probably France’s most famous comedy.  Here Roger McGough, the master of sparkling Scouse wit, adapts the play with anarchic irreverence to present a bawdy, hysterical comedy.

Slick, superb writing in partnership with puns, Franglais and physical comedy make this a delight.

To see details of our sell out shows of Tartuffe at The Minack Theatre click here.


Published on: July 20th, 2013