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On the Razzle at The Electric Theatre 30 November – 3 December 2016

‘Wot a great delight from one end to the other and everything in between. Wicked word play…farce at its very best. Great direction and a great cast giving it all they got with great gusto….and enjoying it immensely themselves. A treat for the mind and you will leave the theatre thoroughly thoroughly pleased with yourself for going to this great play. Non-stop laughter all the way……This is what I want theatre to do to me….change every molecule of me so that I am a different me when I come out….and a better me for all that! If I could go see this night after night after night…I would. Yes…it’s that good.’  Audience review 

Production photography and graphic design by Phill Griffith. Original music composed by Andrew Donovan



REVIEW by Janice Windle. Read the full reviewESSENTIAL SURREY
‘ If you want a really hilarious evening at the theatre, “On the Razzle” at the Electric Theatre is the place to be this week!’

‘Robert Sheppard plays Zangler, their employer, with tremendous verve: pompous and larger than life.Dom Gwyther is brilliant as the extraordinarily assertive new servant who interviews Zangler before “hiring” him as his employer!

……Jason Orbaum as Weinberl has the serious, touchy charisma and expressive legs of John Cleese. Claire Racklyeft’s sense of comic timing as Christopher, a straightforward young hick just out for fun, is vigorous and infectiously joyous. They make a great comedy duo.

…..Of course, there’s a star-crossed young couple: handsome penniless Sonders (Michael Thonger) and pretty, “proper” Marie (Hana Bird) of whose love Zangler, her guardian, disapproves. Gilly Fick and Kathryn Attwood are flirtatious in beautiful hats as mature sexy Viennese women. Graham Russell-Price plays the lustful coachman to Louise Johnson’s frustrated Lisette, with great gusto. The whole cast is superb in ensemble scenes.

The evening is full of puns, double-entendres and witty wordplay, incidents of mistaken identity, mistaken gender, slapstick and even a pantomime horse! What’s not to like in this romp!’


REVIEW by Tricia Marcotti. Read the full reviewGUILDFORD DRAGON
‘A triumph for the company and for The Electric Theatre and I highly recommend a visit.’

‘Zangler (Robert Sheppard) tangles his speech with zeal, abetted skilfully by his new servant, Melchior (Don Gwyther)…..Zangler’s niece Marie (Hana Bird) has fallen for a young man Sonders (Michael Thonger), but Zangler is not happy with it, setting the scene for a whole host of laughs as he attempts to thwart the young couple’s intentions. Zangler’s employees, Weinberl (Jason Orbaum) and Christopher (Claire Racklyeft) decide they can play while the boss is away and go “on the razzle” to Vienna, with a number of hilarious close calls as they try to avoid their boss whilst enjoying themselves……… Zangler’s fiancée Mrs Knorr (Gilly Fick) and one of her clients Mrs Fischer (Kathryn Attwood) get caught up in the action between Zangler, his employees and his niece and her suitor.

…..The play is quite fast-paced and if the actors didn’t need the break, the audience needed one to recuperate from all the antics of the first half. The second half was as frenetic as the first, and I feel the audience couldn’t wait for the next hilarious encounter.

……The cast are very well rehearsed in their parts as the laughs came from the audience frequently. It was also obvious to me that they were enjoying performing the play as much as the audience enjoyed watching them.The Guildbury Theatre company should be very proud of themselves as they have produced a slick rendering of On the Razzle for Guildford to enjoy……..A triumph for the company and for The Electric Theatre and I highly recommend a visit.’

REVIEW by Pauline Surrey. N.O.D.A. Read the full review – NODA – reviews
‘A play the cast and production team so obviously delighted in……  Excellent in all respects…..A gem of a play……It really is the play that keeps on giving.’

On the Razzle is a rampaging romp of a farce set in Old Vienna, but having been written by Tom Stoppard, it is also a delight to the ear…..  The puns, the malapropisms, the witty remarks came so thick and fast, it was difficult to keep up….. A gem of a play.

I was absolutely transported back to Vienna, a city I love, by the 4 different skilfully crafted and authentic sets…..I have to say that not only the set, but also the cast with their finely-honed performances were able to transport me back to Vienna, that status-obsessed but yet charming city.  Robert Sheppard gave us a wonderfully over-confident Herr Zangler. Jason Orbaum has the deferent Herr Weinberl down to perfection….a brilliant performance!

….Gilly Fick makes a superb Madame Knorr, all flamboyance and Big Hat – one senses that she will make mincemeat of her future husband, Herr Zangler!  Kathryn Attwood is a fine Frau Fischer – eagerly taking up the reins of the situation in discovering her new ‘husband’ in the shape of Herr Weinberl.  She flirts very well with her eyes, and a genuine affection between the two ensues.  Claire Racklyeft romps through all the disastrous near-miss situations with a joyous depiction of Christopher, our newly promoted ex-apprentice, thoroughly delighted by these adventures on the razzle.  Graham Russell-Price, the opportunistic randy coachman, and Louise Johnson as Lisette, his catch, the French maid, produce much hilarity.

Seamstresses must have spent weeks sewing the wonderful costumes, and hats… a superb effort by Diane Nichols and her team, which really enhanced the audience’s enjoyment of the show. Of course, Ian Nichols, the Director, is to be lauded as always for his fine touch, a wonderful piece of work.

…..So, a play I will never tire of watching, a play the cast and production team so obviously delighted in.  Excellent in all respects.

Published on: August 22nd, 2016