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Don’t just take our word for it – take a look as the audience tells our roving reporter how much they loved our production of Nell Gwynn at Waverley Abbey House.

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‘The supporting cast were, as always with Guildburys, excellent, but special mention must be made of Eddie Woolrich, delivering a hilarious tour-de-force as the bewildered relic of a men-only stage, watching his treasured fake bosom getting completely outplayed.’Sardines magazine. Read the full review here

‘This play, so full of energy and lust for life, is also a great ensemble piece. The musical elements are charming, and in some cases real ‘ear worms’! I can’t get the frantic ‘One week to go’ out of my head, and the sight of the whole company rushing around the stage like demented dervishes. They seemed to know exactly what they were doing – is that what final pre-production week is like, then, Guildburys?!’  NODA read the full review here 

‘Guildburys’ Nell Gwynn – a delightful feel-good evening. Director Laura Sheppard must have thanked her lucky stars when Amy de Roche auditioned. She’s perfect as Nell; cheerful, expressive, cheeky – she seems great fun, the kind of person you’d want to hang out with. And she can sing and dance. (The ‘I can dance and I can sing’ ditty will not get out of my head!)’  Life in Farnham Magazine. Read the full review here   


 SARDINES MAGAZINE  ‘The production was a shining example of the quality of British amateur theatre…I felt privileged to have been invited to share the experience’ ……  GUILDFORD DRAGON ‘This is not a tragedy to be avoided, but a slice of life to be savoured.’….. NODA ‘Eddie Woolrich took on the challenge of directing this play quite soon after the successful film version, and pulled it off wonderfully well. Far more emerged from this production, in terms of superb acting, thought provoking moments, and humour, than I personally found in the film.

Some of the feedback we have had from our audience surveys, from Facebook, by email and from our mailing list subscribers. See published reviews on our show pages.

Who needs Glyndebourne when you’ve got Guildburys!

We spent a very enjoyable evening last Friday at The Lady in the Van and just wanted to pass on our congratulations to the entire team who produced and delivered such a slick and polished  performance.

Magical experience. First time attended Guildbury play and found acting excellent and spoken so clearly. Enjoyed relaxed atmosphere and being able to enjoy picnic on grass whilst watching play completed a memorable day. Thank you.

We enjoyed this year’s production very much. In fact thought it one of the best we have seen. Love the new venue.

Having picnic beforehand is essential. Great venue and entertaining production – keep it up!

The performance was excellent and the setting was perfect.

I saw you last night at Haslemere Museum. Really enjoyed your performance.

Last night, Ten Times Table at the Electric Theatre – simply brilliant! Superb character acting from beginning to end and very very funny.

Well done all of you and thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment.

Ten Times Table was excellent a great professional cast in my opinion. They should all be professionals. Looking forward to seeing Macbeth

Phil Jackson – theatre manager at The Minack  – ‘Professional, high production values…. your cast and director quickly made all the adjustments required to perform at the Minack… your technical team were charming and most helpful… you more than justified my faith in giving you a slot and you are invited back to perform again.’

Email from an audience member – Just to say that  today’s matinee performance of Tartuffe at The Minack Theatre was truly excellent! I enjoyed it as much if not more than any professional production I’ve seen  in recent years – congratulations to you all! You captured the humour of Moliere and I found myself roaring with laughter – it was so enjoyable and  outrageously funny. Thank you for a great afternoon!

Best wishes, Vanessa Yates

Congratulations to the cast and production team of Tartuffe on the excellent performance this afternoon. Glorious setting in the baking sun!

Show was absolutely brilliant – loved it. And unique finale in having to cast a vote.

‘On top of excellent acting, the production was set beautifully. It may have only been a simple bedroom, but the use of projection through one wall, lighting, set dressing cannot be underestimated. Ian Nichols must be congratulated for his wonderful design, complemented by simple and effective lighting and evocative music.This attention to detail came through everywhere in this production and the director, Laura Sheppard should be very proud, the direction was excellent in every respect throughout this excellent, funny and poignant play.’

Fantastic – a truly captivating plot brought to life by charismatic performances.

I really have to write straight away to say how superb your production of this play is.Such a moving,thought-provoking play, exactly what the theatre is all about. But above all, what a marvellous production and performance. My husband and I try to attend all Guildbury performances and have done for many many years, because we know you set yourselves very high standards indeed. And tonight’s performance was the Crowning Glory, as far as we are concerned. Top class performances all round, a totally excellent cast.

Couldn’t have seen better at the National, I’m quite sure of that!

Picnic Theatre shows

The show was marvellous. A good and varied cast and good use of the space in this wonderful ‘open air theatre’. Had not seen this play before, but well acted. Excellent set up of venue – parking in Farnham park, ticket collection, bar, organisation of waste disposal for picnic stuff and, of course, the superb location of the stage in front of the castle walls. Overall, a superb evening and I look forward to going again next year.

The shows are always good. Great fun to watch 🙂 We (my husband and I), just love the whole atmosphere.

Absolutely great! I’ve never seen any Shakespeare theatre and wasn’t sure I’d like it but the cast brought it to life. All the actors were amazing, the play was great, the scenery and setting were amazing. Just a shame about the weather – but the few drops of rain didn’t matter all that much. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you very much to everyone who took part to make it a great show and all the amazing actors

I have really enjoyed the three Shakespeare plays I have seen at Farnham Castle in successive years 2007-2009. The outdoor location really heightens the experience

It is always a great pleasure to attend one of your performances with my wife and friends!

My friend and I look forward to the show every year

Congratulations on your 20th Performance!

Booking online was very simple, easy and quick.

Throughly enjoy the shows

Great show as always. It’s the third year we have brought our children (10,11,12) and it made the play really accessible and fun for them.

Fantastic show! Best theatre show I’ve seen in a long while….

Congratulations to the cast and support for putting on such a show depsite the ‘inclement’ weather

Always a magical evening, having dodged the rain for years we were unlucky this year!

Always an enjoyable performance

Excellent performance. Better weather next year please!

Thank you for a very enjoyable performance

I adored the guitar love scene – ‘pay me for the serenade – hold on need more money !’

All perfect

Brilliant – loved it.

Brilliant show again this year! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Please keep up your excellent work!

The show was excellent as always, thank you.

Brilliant, especially with the Thursday night Weather

Thursday show despite the rain was absolutely great as ever – hope the costumes dried out, the free hot chocolate was much appreciated

The show was excellent. It was an extremely good production. We enjoyed everything about it and will come again next year…..

Please keep it up

Yet another brilliant performance and night!!

Brilliant show & evening thanks

It was excellent

We saw your Farnham Castle performance on July 16th. Despite the dreadful weather we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Your whole cast was marvellous and acted as though the weather was fine and balmy. Many congratulations. No wonder most of the audience stayed.

As usual the actors were excellent and we had a very enjoyable evening.

It was great, lovely atmosphere, and somehow the rain stayed away!

We loved it!

It was absolutely superb!

Have been 5 or 6 times and always enjoyed it.

Loved the performance, well done and see you again next year!

We thoroughly enjoyed the show at Farnham Castle on Friday evening and would definitely want to know of future productions as we have every intention to go to other of your shows

I really enjoyed the show and venue

As usual a great performance

Thought they were fantastic carrying on in such awful weather…. but of course the show must go on!

My wife and I enjoyed the play and the acting immensely. Well done to all!

Exceeded all my expectations. Thanks very much for providing such a lovely experience.

Really enjoyable – great show and great all round evening. First time – but will be back for more.

A most enjoyable evening, very professional and well organised

Very good show with confident performances. Story well told, though I would have liked to see more genuine fear and panic as the character’s worlds started to fall apart. The stakes are higher than you played them. Great comic touches though and we really enjoyed it.

Very good and most enjoyable location

Fab show. Easy online booking facility

Enjoyed show – pity weather unreliable

Guildburys always delivers a fabulous production, year after year, rain or shine and everyone comes back for more. 

Very very good