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Waiting for Godot at The Electric Theatre 6 – 9 April 2016

Guildburys Waiting for Godot


With 5 star reviews, innovative staging set against a post apocalyptic backdrop, Guildburys stylish interpretation of this fascinating play added to the intrigue that is Beckett’s masterpiece. A play that famously bemuses and amuses whilst challenging every answer the audience comes up with certainly lived up to its reputation. Described as a play where nothing happens twice, plenty happened constantly and it won over a whole new audience – as it never fails to do.

REVIEW – Essential Surrey

“Don’t wait! Go to see the Guildburys Theatre Company’s brilliant production of this classic Beckett play at the Electric Theatre….. The back and forth between Didi (Dave Ufton) and Gogo (Tim Brown) is brilliantly handled by both actors. …… Phill Griffith as Pozzo delivers a masterly performance…. Tom Kent as Lucky, unusually performs the important ‘thinking’ speech with bravura and eloquence……. The power relationships amongst the characters are handled by Oli Bruce the director with tremendous humour and much slapstick.”  Read the Essential Surrey Review in full here

REVIEW – Surrey Advertiser

“The Guildburys production of this intriguing play allows a fine cast to perplex us, to amuse us, and to make us think. About all kinds of things. About relationships; about being alone; about who is dependent on whom; about nature; about fate; about being happy; about being bored; about being needed; about the passing of time; about memory; about existence. It is a very comic play, but also a sad glimpse into 5 lives. Beckett described it as a tragi-comedy.

Director Oli Bruce has achieved a long-standing dream of staging Godot, aided by the reliably excellent Guildburys team of actors we have come to expect. A fine evening, great fun, and I’m still thinking about it now! Not to be missed. I look forward to the Guildburys next production at the Electric Theatre in November -Tom Stoppard’s hilarious ‘On the Razzle’.

REVIEW – Sardines Magazine

Ufton and Brown were a brilliant double act, particularly in their moments of slapstick but also during more sombre moments.Griffith brought a manic urgency to the (lack of) proceedings, commanding the barren wasteland like a steampunk circus ringmaster and having Gogo and Didi engrossed in his tales. 

Kent has a truly beautiful speaking voice, no doubt made more appealing following the incredibly long silence that preceded it. Contrasted with Griffith’s more egomaniacal presence, this was another pair that worked very well together. The final member of the cast, Jordan Gunner as Godot’s messenger boy, well-spoken and more youthful than the rest. A fine young actor who, based on his two brief appearances, will no doubt go on to more prominent roles in the future.

But this particular production in the hands of Oli Bruce was absolutely excellent and a real triumph – I can’t wait to see what he does next… (I’ll get my own coat)  Sardines Magazine review in full here

Published on: March 9th, 2016