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The Minack 2013


We are performing at the Minack Theatre again!

Guildburys’ very first appearance on the Minack Stage was on the evening of 27 August 1979 in a production of The Merchant of Venice. A sparklingly witty adaptation by Roger McGough of Moliere’s classic, Tartuffe , has been selected to celebrate our return to The Minack, AND Guildburys’ 50th birthday.

For those who haven’t been to the Minack, the setting of the theatre is almost overwhelming, and the first view of the auditorium is breathtaking. On arrival one immediately realises that it  actually is true – it really is built into the cliff side and the backcloth really is the sea.

The theatre has grown in scale and popularity in the intervening years and competition to be offered a slot is severe – it is a huge honour to be invited to perform. It seems spookily appropriate that our last visit was on August 27th and  we will return on August 26th.

Read about the play here

Roll on August 2013!

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Published on: May 1st, 2012