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The Government Inspector from 17 – 20 July Picnic Theatre at Merrist Wood in Surrey

REVIEWS of our Merrist Wood Production

★★★★ The production is highly entertaining and hilarious from start to finish with most, if not all, characters extremely humorous. Every actor made me laugh out loud at points, sometimes just from small head movements or expressions. Guildburys Theatre Company are clearly a talented group of people who ‘do’ comedy extremely well. (Sardines Magazine)

★★★★★’This fast-paced comedy is another triumph for the Guildburys – brilliant individual and ensemble acting and wonderful comic timing.’ (Essential Surrey Magazine)

This year we added beer!

We were happier than a Government Official with a clipboard to have the award winning Tilford Brewery setting up their travelling tavern of temptation and breaking open a barrel or two (or three) at our Merrist Wood summer show. There were also some delicious dairy delights to round off the alfresco frolic in Merrist Wood’s spectacular show ground with locally produced ice cream. Then it was time to raise a glass of Picnic Pimms or get a caffeine kick in the pants from ‘The Mayor’s’ teas and coffees. Enjoy a Picnic Theatre Feast of Fun as the comedy unfolded.

Audience Comments –

★★★★ We never miss a show!

★★★★ Truly Amazing!

★★★★ Must-see event!

Guildburys were delighted to be supporting Challengers with collections at all our shows. Look out for their orange T-shirts !! An amateur production in association with Samuel French.  Book online HERE

Graphic design and flyer photography Phill Griffith.

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Photography and graphic design Phill Griffith

Published on: July 10th, 2019