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The Government Inspector 2019 – in Surrey and touring to the Minack.


The Government Inspector. Our 2019 summer show

Picture this : A decidedly shady (not to mention crooked) Mayor of a small Russian town in the middle of nowhere is horrified to discover that he and his equally shady cronies are to be visited by a government official, travelling incognito.

Corruption is rife and their infighting and jockeying for position is manic; panic and plots to bribe him with money and booze ensue.

The result is chaotic mayhem and masses of comedic delight.

Adapted from Gogol’s satirical and eccentric comedy, the plot inspired one of Fawlty Towers’ most iconic episodes – The Hotel Inspector – and this adaptation of the original truly sparkles.

Unmissable !
Performing at our Picnic Theatre in Surrey in July and touring in August to the fabulous Minack Theatre under the stars in Cornwall.  
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Published on: April 10th, 2017