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Ten Times Table – five star reviews and sell out houses !


Ten Times Table has closed after a sell out run with great reviews and wonderful audience comments –

“Last night, Ten Times Tables at the Electric Theatre – simply brilliant!
Superb character acting from beginning to end and very very funny.
Well done all of you and thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment.” Lorna Collier

“I went to see Ten Times Table last night at the Electric theatre…. it was very entertaining!!!!”   Veronique Robert

“Brilliant – thoroughly enjoyed it”    Beverley Reay

“First class, makes me want to see all the shows. A fan of the group”    Barry Jackman 

“Congratulations to the director Gilly Fick and her amazing cast for a fabulous performance. I found myself laughing very loudly! Such a good evening – you MUST go and watch!”    Sally Ann North



Nicole Rose, reviewing for Sardines magazine wrote

‘Fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab, fab…….do I need to go on? Ten Times Table by Alan Ayckbourn and performed by Guildbury’s Theatre Company was absolutely lovely. I laughed all the way through and enjoyed every minute of it. If you’re not familiar with the play, let me enlighten you.

All of the actors were superb, line perfect, great characterisation and even better comic timing, I’ll start straight away with Pamela Hemelryk (my favourite) who played the deaf Mother of Donald Evans (played by Robert Sheppard) Audrey. Bloody marvellous (excuse my French) even in the scenes where she had very little to say she was hilarious. Great comic timing and the archetypal Nan that we all know and love, who moans about the amount of steps she has to go up and loves a drink. Her pairing with Son, Donald, was brilliant and Mr Sheppard’s portrayal of the pedantic secretary of the committee was definitely well played – being a member of several committees myself, I can definitely tell you he got that part down to a T!!

I loved the relationship between Michael Lawrence, Alison Nicol and Debby Phillips who played Eric Collins, Sophie Barton and Teacher, Philippa. You were never quite sure if Eric was going to make the move and pick one of the girls to commit to or whether either of the girls would get fed up being shared and kick him into touch. All three had a great dynamic which worked really well.

Ray, played by Howard Benbrook was also very good. I really felt for him when he was clearly trying to remain calm and keep the peace within the group without upsetting his wife Helen, played by Cheryl Malam. It never worked, she always ended up in tears but as a couple they were delightful.

Probably the hardest part to play was the volatile, alcoholic, Lawrence Adamson, played by Eddie Woolrich. He was so funny when giving his big ranting speeches about the demise of his marriage. I nearly cried with laughter when he was turned into the Earl of Dorset. Watching him spin about the room on the horse was a touch of genius. Equally, Jonathan Arundel as ex-military leader Tim was also good at the big booming speeches. Watching him plan his counter attack was a thing of splendour.

Perhaps the best performance of the night was from the Hotel Employee, excellently played by Kirsty Lane. The glares she gave the committee members was enough to tell you not to annoy her or get in her way and what was she doing with that drum?? Often the parts which have no lines are the hardest to play but she certainly gave a fab performance.

In conclusion, another triumph for Guildbury’s, expertly led by Director Gilly Fick, who can certainly class this as a complete success.


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Published on: May 5th, 2014