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Shows 1963 – present

This page lists Past Productions in chronological order. Scroll down to see a full list of all our archived shows.

The Merry Wives of Windsor

One Night in November

Waiting for Godot

On the Razzle

Guildburys Theatre Company have been staging plays in Surrey since 1963 and the company has an enviable reputation for high quality productions and well crafted live shows.

Whatever we produce, from local festival shows, to those further afield at the Minack in Cornwall & the Edinburgh Fringe, to our main productions at the Electric Theatre, and annual PicnicTheatre summer productions performed open air around Surrey in Guildford, Farnham and Haslemere, you are assured of superb entertainment and a great night out.

An asterisk * denotes a festival production. Click on the show link to see details of a particular show

2019 The Government Inspector July Merrist Wood
2019 Oh Romeo March The Electric Theatre
2018 Dracula November The Electric Theatre
2018 Anne Boleyn July Waverley Abbey House/Merrist Wood
2018 All My Sons April The Electric Theatre
2017 One Night in November November The Electric Theatre
2017 Nell Gwynn July Waverley Abbey House
2017 The Lady in the Van May The Electric Theatre
2016 On The Razzle December The Electric Theatre
2016 The Merry Wives of Windsor August The Minack, Cornwall
2016 The Merry Wives of Windsor July Waverley Abbey House
2016 Waiting for Godot April The Electric Theatre
2015 Jamaica Inn November The Electric Theatre
2015 Twelfth Night August Haslemere Museum
2015 Twelfth Night July Waverley Abbey House
2015 Blue Stockings March The Electric Theatre
2014 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde November The Electric Theatre
2014 Macbeth August Haslemere Museum
2014 Macbeth July Waverley Abbey House
2014 Ten Times Table April The Electric Theatre
2013 The Locked Room November The Electric Theatre
2013 Tartuffe August The Minack, Cornwall
2013 Tartuffe July Farnham Castle
2013 Dancing at Lughnasa April The Electric Theatre
2012 The Royal Baccarat Scandal November The Electric Theatre
2012 The Marriage of Figaro July Farnham Castle
2012 The Memory of Water April The Electric Theatre
2011 The Ghost Train November The Electric Theatre
2011 Mixed Doubles * October Rhoda McGaw
2011 As You Like It July Farnham Castle
2011 Burnt by the Sun March The Electric Theatre,
2010 Private Fears in Public Places November The Electric Theatre
2010 The Taming of the Shrew July Farnham Castle
2010 The Titfield Thunderbolt March The Electric Theatre
2009 Hobson’s Choice November The Electric Theatre
2009 The Comedy of Errors July Farnham Castle
2009 After Mrs Rochester March The Electric Theatre
2008 Great Expectations November The Electric Theatre
2008 The Servant of Two Masters July Farnham Castle
2008 A Dog’s Life * May Festival winner
2008 Time and the Conways April The Electric Theatre
2008 The Government Inspector  March The Electric Theatre
2007 Playhouse Creatures November The Electric Theatre
2007 After Midnight before Dawn* October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
2007 Much Ado About Nothing July Farnham Castle
2007 The Government Inspector March The Electric Theatre
2006 Pygmalion November The Electric Theatre
2006 Bar & Ger * October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
2006 Frankenstein August Edinburgh Fringe
2006 Two Gentlemen of Verona July Farnham Castle
2006 Vanity Fair April The Electric Theatre
2005 Comfort and Joy December The Electric Theatre
2005 The Importance of Being Earnest July Farnham Castle
2005 Deckchairs * June Rhoda McGaw Theatre
2005 Frankenstein April The Electric Theatre
2004 Chorus of disapproval November The Electric Theatre
2004 Nobody here but us Chickens * October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
2004 Loves Labours Lost July Farnham Castle
2004 Rebecca March The Electric Theatre
2003 The Owl & the Pussycat went to See November The Electric Theatre
2003 A Midsummers Night’s Dream July Farnham Castle
2003 The way we live now * June The Electric Theatre
2003 Billy Liar March The Electric Theatre
2002 Blythe Spirit November The Electric Theatre
2002 Conversations with a Golliwog * October Rhoda McGaw
2002 Canterbury Tales July Farnham Castle
2002 Long away & far ago * April The Electric Theatre
2001 The Great Coarse Acting Show October The Electric Theatre
2001 The River * October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
2001 The Beggar’s Opera July Farnham Castle
2001 Arcadia April The Electric Theatre
2000 Death & the Maiden December The Electric Theatre
2000 Jack * October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
2000 The Merchant of Venice July Farnham Castle
2000 Blue Remembered Hills April The Electric Theatre
1999 A Flea in her Ear December The Electric Theatre
1999 Cat on A Hot Tin Roof December The Electric Theatre
1999 Can You Hear The Music?* October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1999 Twelfth Night July Farnham Castle
1999 Three Sisters April The Electric Theatre
1999 Birdsong January The Mill Studio
1998 Birdsong* October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1998 As You Like It July Farnham Castle
1997 A Kind Of Alaska* October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1997 Cold Comfort Farm October The Electric Theatre
1997 The Rivals July Farnham Castle
1997 King Lear April Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1996 The Crucible November The Mill Studio, Guildford
1996 Antigone August Edinburgh Festival
1996 The Comedy of Errors July Farnham Castle
1996 Antigone April The Mill Studio
1996 Les Liaisons Dangereuses March Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1995 Antigone* October
1995 Dame Agatha’s Greatest Case October – December Touring (multiple venues)
1995 The Country Wife July Farnham Castle
1995 Season’s Greetings January Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1994 The Orchestra* October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1994 A Midsummer Night’s Dream July Farnham Castle
1994 Amadeus March Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1994 Murder at the Music Hall February – March Touring (multiple venues)
1993 The Dresser December
1993 The Last Days of Don Juan July Farnham Castle
1992 Equus December
1992 Tom Jones July Farnham Castle
1991 The 15 Minute Hamlet October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1991 The Merry Wives of Windsor June Farnham Castle
1990 Twelfth Night July Farnham Castle
1989 Miss Julie*
1989 Sufficient Carbohydrate
1988 Loot
1988 Miss Julie*
1988 Olde Tyme Music Hall
1987 Flowering Cherry Ben Travers Theatre
1987 Olde Tyme Music Hall
1987 Way Upstream Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1986 Confusions* October Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1986 The Happiest Days of Your Life July Ben Travers Theatre, Charterhouse
1986 Olde Tyme Music Hall February – October Touring (multiple venues)
1985 Rumplestiltskin December – January George Abbott School Guildford
1985 The Roaring Twenties November-December Touring (multiple venues)
1984 Camelot November-December Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1984 Olde Tyme Music Hall July
1984 The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie March Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1984 Hamlet February – March Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1983 Olde Tyme Music Hall December
1983 Canterbury Tales June – July Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1982 Olde Tyme Music Hall December
1982 Half a Sixpence June – July Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1982 Waiting For Godot February Bellerby Theatre Guildford
1981 The Merry Wives of Windsor November-December
1981 Salad Days July Albury/Onslow
1981 Olde Tyme Music Hall February Reeds School, Cobham
1980 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves December Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1980 Olde Tyme Music Hall November Royal Grammar School, Guildford
1980 Sleuth May Bellerby Theatre , Guildford
1980 Two Stars For Comfort May Bellerby Theatre , Guildford
1979 The World Of Sweeney Todd Nov -Dec Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1979 The Merchant of Venice July & August Rhoda McGaw Theatre The Minack theatre Cornwall
1979 A Phoenix Too Frequent* March – May – June Drama Festivals
1978 Riders to the Sea
1978 Gigi December Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1978 Olde Tyme Music Hall December
1978 Macbeth May Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1977 Olde Tyme Music Hall
1977 Jack and The Beanstalk December Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1977 Semi Detached May Touring (multiple venues)
1977 The Collection March – June Touring (multiple venues)
1976 Cabaret December Rhoda McGaw Theatre
1976 Conduct Unbecoming (*also festival entry) May Touring (multiple venues)
1975 After Magritte*
1975 The Snow Queen November-December Touring (multiple venues)
1975 Fiddler On the Roof July Touring (multiple venues)
1974 My Fair Lady
1974 Indians May Touring (multiple venues)
1974 Muwich February
1974 Pickwick January Civic Hall, Guildford
1973 The Bald Prima Donna*
1973 Not Now Darling November Touring (multiple venues)
1973 Hello Dolly July Civic Hall, Guildford
1973 Under Milkwood May Touring (multiple venues)
1973 Muwich March
1972 Interview* Touring (multiple venues)
1972 West Side Story December Civic Hall, Guildford
1972 Salad Days July Touring (multiple venues)
1971 Aladdin December Touring (multiple venues)
1971 Close The Coalhouse Door July Touring (multiple venues)
1971 A United Family* March Walton & Weybridge Drama Festival
1970 Camelot December Touring (multiple venues)
1970 Oh What A Lovely War* December Touring (multiple venues)
1970 Black Comedy & Seven Years On June Touring (multiple venues)
1969 Zip Goes a Million July Touring (multiple venues)
1969 At The Turn Of the Tide*/The Lesson*/ The Audition* – multiple category festival entries + touring April Touring (multiple venues)
1968 Reluctant Heroes December
1968 Follow that Girl July Onslow
1968 Something We Eight April Touring (multiple venues)
1968 Master Of Two Servants* March Walton & Weybridge Drama Festival
1967 Robinson Crusoe December Touring (multiple venues)
1967 Paint Your Wagon July Touring (multiple venues)
1966 Puss In Boots December Touring (multiple venues)
1966 Free As Air
1965 1066 and all That
1964 Curry Favours
1963 Not Much Cop

Published on: November 24th, 2011