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Macbeth 16 – 19 July 2014 at Waverley Abbey House, Farnham


Celebrating our 25th annual open air performance !
‘Fair is foul, and foul is fair’

A fabulous production of one of Shakespeare’s most performed plays which enthralled audiences – AND the reviewers !

REVIEW – Bob Heather. Sardines Magazine

“The whole cast were absolutely brilliant and not a weak actor in sight…….. Every cast member was brilliant. If I was to write about everyone, saying how good they were, I would be writing a book instead of a review ……Mike Lawrence, as Macbeth had great stage presence and made you fearful – so much so, you had an overwhelming desire to check behind your back when he wasn’t on stage. Top marks. Director Ian Nichols ought to show the professional companies how it’s done…… I came away from Waverley absolutely enthralled, making a note to come back again next year. If you missed this must-see spectacular, then Guildburys are performing the whole thing again in the grounds of Haslemere museum from the 31st July until the 2nd of August. Give yourself a treat and go along, you won’t be disappointed.”

Read the full review here SARDINES MAGAZINE REVIEW

REVIEW – Chris Whitty. Farnham Herald

“The witches circling the audience and their malign influence permeates the this production more than others I have seen to good effect”…….

“It’s invidious to single out one performer but I felt Alison Nicol gave a wide ranging performance as Lady Macbeth”

“This is an effective and well considered production and I look forward to more at Waverley Abbey House” 

Macbeth came to Waverley Abbey House as the witches wove their evil way through the audience, opening the play with powerful effect in the spectacular location that is Guildburys new summer home. As dusk turned to darkness and the eerie lighting effects transported the audience to the rich dark side of the play – it really did appear that ‘Birnham Wood shall come to Dunsinane’. 

This was the Guildbury Theatre Company’s first Shakespearean tragedy in their twenty five years of open air shows and in gloriously perfect weather where umbrellas served an entirely different purpose, acting as sun shades, the overwhelming response from the audiences was that they loved the play and the setting. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see an aerial video and a selection of production pictures.

Audience comments

‘Thank you for an excellent performance at Waverley Abbey tonight! I loved how the witches interacted with the audience, very creepy! Beautiful, atmospheric venue.’ 

‘Well done chaps (and chapesses), great performance this afternoon. My two young daughters were also riveted which has to be a good sign. Superb setting, much as I love the castle this is much better – don’t let the audience get too big though. Brill that the weather was actually really good despite the forecast.’

‘I went to see the Guildbury’s production of Macbeth this evening at Waverley Abbey near Farnham.  Amazing and intimate production!!  If you can, go and see it. It’s brilliant and the haggard old witches stare at you and mingle with your spirits. Go and see it if you can. ‘

“Watched Macbeth in Waverley Abbey. Wonderful performance”

“Top notch group of players. Have never seen a bad production “

Production images by Peter Chapman


Published on: July 4th, 2014