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Guildburys premiere a brand new play !

Guildburys are delighted to be premiering The Locked Room – a brand new play by local author Kathryn Attwood, pictured (right) with the director, Laura Sheppard.

Kathryn says “It is really thrilling to see characters who had only existed in my head up to now become real human beings with personalities, feelings, emotions and reactions which go far beyond my imaginings.  I can’t wait to see the whole thing come together on the Electric stage.”

The prospect of acting in a brand new play meant that auditions were keenly contested and we have a fabulous cast and the director is equally enthusiastic – Laura says “It is hugely exciting bringing a play to life that has never yet been performed. It is an honour and a privilege – both to be entrusted with the words of the author – but also to be able to produce the original, and definitive,  performance.” 

The play is set in the autumn of 1951, and acclaimed actress Irene Trevarrick is enjoying a triumphant return to the London stage.

Behind the scenes however, Ivy Little is harbouring a shocking secret from Irene’s pre-war past.  In an age when today’s level of press intrusion into the private lives of celebrities was unimaginable, Ivy knows her revelation will have a devastating effect on Irene’s carefully nurtured reputation and career.  With both their futures at stake, she can only bide her time and wait patiently for her moment.


Published on: November 11th, 2013