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Guildburys partner with Tilford Brewery

Guildburys are quite excited and very happy that summer has arrived ready to shine on Guildford’s biggest outdoor summer theatre show! The Government Inspector.

This year we’ve added beer!

We’re happier than a Government Official with a clipboard to announce that award winning Tilford Brewery will be setting up their travelling tavern of temptation and breaking open a barrel or two (or three) at our Merrist Wood summer show for ‘curtain up’ from 8pm on July 17th-20th.

Enjoy a Picnic Theatre Real Ale Feast of Fun.

‘INSPECT’ Tilford’s local award winning craft beers.

Sample ‘THE GOVERNOR’ a lively character, which may leave you tight lipped. Move on to ‘ABDULIN’S ALE’ –  full of charm and good looks. Try Tilford’s incognito brews, renamed for some summer fun. Can you guess their Ales’ real identity!?

There’s also some delicious dairy delights to round off your alfresco frolic in Merrist Wood’s spectacular show ground with locally produced ice cream.

Then it’s time to raise a glass of Picnic Pimms or get a caffeine kick in the pants from ‘The Mayor’s’ teas and coffees.

All of which is guaranteed to make your Guildburys Picnic Theatre a memorable outdoor theatre experience and tremendous taste sensation.

An even bigger reason to book tickets now  here

But step lively, there’s bound to be a queue at the Tilford’s Traveling Tavern Beer Tent.

P.S. Doors open at 6:30pm Evenings and 12:30 Saturday Matinee. Arrive early as tickets are disappearing faster than a corrupt Mayor, so there’s going to be competition for the good picnic spots!!!

Published on: June 24th, 2019