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Dancing at Lughnasa reviews


‘Superbly directed by Eddie Woolrich. His programme notes say the play has everything, making it a good piece of Theatre with strong multi dimensional characters and a bit of singing and dancing.
The Mundy family Kate (Cheryl Malam), Maggie (Alison Nicol), Rose(Camilla Morgan), Agnes (Tanya Chainey) and Christina (Abbegail Bagley) along with Father Jack (Derek Watts) supported each other well displaying their individual acting talents, the two male characters Michael Evans (Rick Pedley) and Gerry Evans(Mike Lawrence) brought a little light comedy to both their roles . Ian Nichols designed a splended cottage set with lighting by Robert Sheppard and sound effects by Simon Price Stage managed by Hatty Sahlsberg and her set construction crew”        Betty Haslam


‘All five actresses brought delightfully different characteristics to their roles : Cheryl Malam was wonderfully tight lipped as Kate, Alison Nicol breezy and cheerful as Maggie, Camilla Morgan awkward and vulnerable as Rose, Tanya Chainey serene and placid as Aggie and Abbegail Bagley warm and wistful as Christina…….


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Published on: April 21st, 2013