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Fabulous audience reactions to Nell Gwynn !

Don’t just take our word for it – take a look as the audience tells our roving reporter, Mister Metric, how much they loved our production of Nell Gwynn at Waverley Abbey House.


See our audience reactions in our video


Waiting for Godot wins NODA award

We are delighted to announce that our production of Waiting for Godot won a NODA accolade of excellence – the director Oli Bruce is pictured collecting the award. Congratulations to the cast, crew and production team !

Surrey Advertiser review

“The Guildburys production of this intriguing play allows a fine cast to perplex us, to amuse us, and to make us think. About all kinds of things. About relationships; about being alone; about who is dependent on whom; about nature; about fate; about being happy; about being bored; about being needed; about the passing of time; about memory; about existence. It is a very comic play, but also a sad glimpse into 5 lives. Beckett described it as a tragi-comedy.

Director Oli Bruce has achieved a long-standing dream of staging Godot, aided by the reliably excellent Guildburys team of actors we have come to expect. A fine evening, great fun, and I’m still thinking about it now! Not to be missed.”


The Lady in the Van trailer – a hell of a journey


Enjoy a sneak preview of The Lady in the Van in our trailer! Miss Shepherd and her yellow van are on the way to Guildford. Join her as she drives Alan Bennett to distraction. They will be arriving at The Electric Theatre on May 3rd for four nights only. It’s a journey you don’t want to miss.  To book online click here

Photography by Phill Griffith.

Video trailer Guildburys Theatre Company. Music Kevin Macleod



How do we do it? Find out at our backstage workshop





Ever wondered what it takes to put on a show?



Have you ever considered helping out, but don’t quite know where to start? Hundreds of hours are spent by the back stage crew and production team on everything from building the set to balancing the books and we’d like to sing and dance about it all!

Guildburys are lifting the lid and taking you behind the scenes. Join us at Compton Village Club, Spiceall, Compton, GU3 1JQ on Monday 20th March at 8pm to find out what it’s all about. There will be numerous short presentations from the Guildbury team. Our set builders, designers, props and production managers, sound and light whizz kids, stage managers, marketers and costumiers will be taking centre stage. Whether you are interested in helping out or just curious to know how we do it, come along to learn a little more & share ideas, If you can let us know you’re coming, that would help with seating. Please click here to email us and register – it’s free !

Directions – turn into SPICEALL and the club is clearly signposted.


The Princess and the Pea schools production

From September 2017 Guildburys will be bringing a production of Hans Christian Andersen’s much loved fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea, to primary schools in Surrey and Hampshire. The play is a wonderful opportunity to introduce primary school children to live theatre as they join Columbine, Arlequin, Punchin and Rosetta on a journey of discovery and problem solving ! Why not arrange a visit to discuss bringing the show to your school and to answer all your questions?

The Princess and the Pea will be available for performance from the beginning of the autumn term 2017 onwards. Simply staged with minimum fuss, the running time of the performance will be approximately 45 minutes. All we need is a performance area of about 7 x 5 metres with an adjacent area for changing. The cost of the production will be £2.00 – £3.00 per pupil (subject to minimum numbers). 

For further information, or to request a site visit please email the director, Steffen Zschaler by clicking here

Photography by Phill Griffith

On the Razzle – meet the cast

Take a look at our video and meet the cast of our Autumn show, ‘On the Razzle’. A fabulous celebration of 20 years of at the Electric theatre.

Director of On the Razzle, Ian Nichols, said: “We’re delighted to be bringing this classic Tom Stoppard farce to GATA’s Autumn Festival. Our production is going to make the most of all the riotous fun and comedic chaos in the script and is designed to bring a party atmosphere to the Electric Theatre.”

To book tickets online – click HERE

A Birds Eye View of Guildburys at Waverley Abbey House

We know you will enjoy the beauty and drama of our open air theatre in the magnificent grounds of Waverley Abbey House with its numerous picnic spots and plenty of room to spread out and relax.
Fly with us and experience a birds eye view below of the beautiful grounds.
Join Guildburys for a magical summer theatrical experience at Waverley Abbey House.



Waverley Abbey house audience Macbeth swords Barrel_Botanica_LS



Guildburys win award for ‘The Royal Baccarat Scandal’


Guildburys are delighted to announce that they have been awarded the NODA South East region Drama Accolade of Excellence for their production of ‘The Royal Baccarat Scandal”. This was a production that  showcased the high production values that Guildburys are renowned for – an imaginatively detailed set, sumptuous costumes and superb performances from an excellent cast. The director, Gilly Fick, the cast and the whole Guildbury production team worked hard to make the show a success and the award is a reflection of that hard work and the icing on the cake !

To see details of the production, reviews and comments visit the show page here

“Fantastic – a truly captivating plot brought to life by charismatic performances. The pace moved at a lick to cover the extensive scope and full dialogue of the complex main and sub-plots , then softened at the thoughtful, tense and emotional moments to draw the audience in. The scenes are each recollections from Sir William Gordon Cumming as he explains his past tribulations to his daughter in answer to her question as to why the room fell silent when she had revealed her maiden name in a society party. This is a sensitive treatment of an old man confiding for the first time and the story flowed seamlessly as one memory evoked another episode while the scandal unfolded. The audience’s perspective was moved on a see-saw journey seen alternately through the eyes of an offender and a victim. I felt truly privileged to have been in the audience for intimate and powerful and moving drama. The characters were real, the situations captivating and the conflicting emotions were expressed with dexterity.”



Rotary club announces record fund raiser!

We are thrilled that the recent charity performance of The Royal Baccarat Scandal organised by the Rotary Club of Guildford district raised the record sum of £1,800 in aid of Disability Challengers. Guildburys were delighted to be able to assist the Rotary club with raising such a splendid amount of money for such a deserving charity.

Disability Challengers is an independent charity that, for more than 30 years, has developed and delivered inclusive play and leisure for disabled children and young people across Surrey, Hampshire and increasingly the surrounding areas. The charity is based in Guildford (at ‘Challengers Guildford Playcentre’, our headquarters and one of our full time playcentres).

In 2011 they delivered more than 25,500 visits (or 124,292 hours) to 1,240 disabled children. These services were delivered at the Challengers’ Guildford and Farnham Centres as well as schemes based at schools and community youth centres all through the year.



To read more about Disability challengers please click here


The Memory of Water wins a NODA award

We are delighted to have been awarded a N.O.D.A Accolade of Excellence for our Spring 2012 show, The Memory of Water.

Sardines magazine said –

‘On top of excellent acting, the production was set beautifully. It may have only been a simple bedroom, but the use of projection through one wall, lighting, set dressing cannot be underestimated. Ian Nichols must be congratulated for his wonderful design, complemented by simple and effective lighting and evocative music.This attention to detail came through everywhere in this production and the director, Laura Sheppard should be very proud, the direction was excellent in every respect throughout this excellent, funny and poignant play.’

The director, Laura Sheppard, received the award on behalf of the company.


Guest speaker was tour manager and director, Brian Freelander.


  Guildburys are members of NODA

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