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Info for auditionees




Auditions can be stressful, but we endeavour to make them as relaxed and friendly as possible and we want you to enjoy it. We have a policy of open auditions for all main shows; roles are open to both existing members and to newcomers. Over the years, a tried and tested format has been developed that we believe affords everyone an equal chance of success. Details of forthcoming auditions can be found on our auditions page here together with a map to our auditions and rehearsals venue.The following pointers may be of assistance to those auditioning for the first time.

  • Auditions are arranged individually and by appointment for a specific date and time.The audition format envisages simple staging – not just sitting down reading parts.
  • Recall auditions, when desired by, and at the discretion of the director, may be called in small groups.
  • You may audition for as many roles as you wish within the time constraints of an audition.
  • Readers-in will be present at every audition to play other roles, as necessary, in scenes selected for audition.
  • Readers-in will not be auditioning themselves for a part in the play.
  • So far as possible, the same readers-in will be at every audition session.
  • Audition dates for each show will appear on the website calendar and on the auditions page as soon as they have been fixed.
  • Directors will prepare thumbnail sketches of the roles available and details of selected audition pieces and these will be sent to everyone who books an audition.
  • Learning audition scenes or speeches is not usually a requirement (although a director may occasionally ask that a short extract is learned) but directors will expect that auditions will be prepared; that is, that auditionees will have thought about the character(s) in physical and vocal terms and have some notion of relationships with other characters in selected scenes. To this end, we highly recommend that those auditioning will have read the whole play in advance.
  • Some forethought about the basic staging of audition scenes and placement of other characters could be helpful.
  • It is not generally expected that any kind of costume should be worn for auditions, but some thought might be given as to what may or may not be appropriate for a character, including footwear.

Guildburys acknowledge that other companies may run auditions differently, but – particularly given that competition for roles in Guildbury shows is often intense – we believe our format provides as much of a ‘level playing field’ as it is possible to do, giving everyone an equal opportunity. Directors will always be happy to advise on any aspect of the process.

Click auditions guidelines here to download a pdf file of these guidelines