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Audition for The Government Inspector


Our 2019 flagship production. Performs in July 2019 at Waverley Abbey House in Surrey, following which it will tour in August 2019 to Cornwall’s Minack Theatre.
AUDITIONS WILL BE OPENED TO NON MEMBERS ON 19 AUGUST 2018. Auditions are in mid September 2018 – scroll down for dates. 

Auditions are held well in advance to enable cast members to book accommodation in Cornwall and schedule holiday/time off work to tour. This is a large cast play with lots of opportunity for experienced actors – many of the roles may be played by either male or female actors. Projection and characterisation open air is key – especially at The Minack, which is a spectacular venue in which to perform.

Please click here to download a pdf file of character notes.
A message from the director –

‘Here, surreal wit and satire are mixed with an abundance of physical comedy. Gogol’s play is very much an ensemble piece with wildly comic characters whirling in panic around the stranger in their midst. They engage in a fast and furiously paced panic to bribe and dupe the visitor that they assume to be a Government Inspector. Will their petty corruptions and ineptitudes be discovered?’

The Minack Theatre, Porthcurno, Cornwall

Waverley Abbey House,Farnham,Surrey

Non members will be able to book auditions when the public diary is opened on August 19th. Prior to that date Guildbury members have a priority booking period, but you are welcome to contact Guildburys to register your interest or ask for information. Your request will be passed to the director. Audition packs will be available on July 30th. Auditions are held individually by prior appointment and will be available on either

  1. Sunday September 9th – from 6.00pm
  2. Tuesday September 11th – from 7.30pm
  3. Thursday September 13th – from 7.30pm

N.B. The director may wish to run a recall audition to explore potential partnerships.

REHEARSALS are on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings with an anticipated start date of May 16th, 2019. All those cast are required to join as full members of Guildburys Theatre Company. The membership fee is £25; there are no show fees and full scripts are purchased and provided for you to keep.  

Please click here to see and download a pdf with helpful advice to help you prepare.


Published on: April 8th, 2018