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Audition for Anne Boleyn

Waverley Abbey House, Farnham

Merrist Wood, Guildford

ANNE BOLEYN AUDITIONS  –  use our form to contact the director.

Auditions are held individually by prior appointment and will be available on either Sunday March 18th & Sunday March 25th from 2.30pm – 5.30pm or Tuesday March 23rd, from  7.30pm – 10.00pm at Compton Village Club, Spiceall, Compton, Guildford GU3 1JQ.

Those auditioning for lead parts should be available for a potential recall on Wednesday April 4th.

Rehearsals – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings starting on May 13th. All those cast are required to join as full members of Guildburys Theatre Company. The membership fee is £25; there are no show fees and scripts are provided.  

Performing open air from

11 – 14 July  at Waverley Abbey House, Farnham 

25 – 28 July at Merrist Wood, Guildford

Please refer to our guidelines here to help you prepare for your audition

Roles available (women are welcome to audition for male roles ) For character details please ask for a script.
Age ranges – flexible and not prescribed. Please ask the director for guidance.
Anne Boleyn (F) King James I (M)
Lady Rochford (F)  Chief lady-in-waiting to Anne Robert Cecil (M) advisor to King James
Lady Jane Seymore (F)  lady-in-waiting to Anne George Villiers (M)  lover of King James
Lady Celia (F) lady-in-waiting to Anne King Henry VIII (M)
William Tyndale (M)
Sloop (M) servant to Wolsey and Cromwell Thomas Cromwell (M)
Simpkin (M)  servant to Wolsey and Cromwell Cardinal Wolsey (M)
Parrot (M)  servant to Cecil Launcelot Andrews (M)  head of the Anglican faction
Dr John Reynolds (M)  head of the Puritan faction
+ Ensemble / Villagers (M & F) Henry Barrow (M)
Please use this form to contact the director to request an audition pack and/or arrange an audition.
Jay will be delighted to hear from you.


Published on: February 6th, 2018